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Transphobic and Homophobic attack in Broadripple.

Attack in Broadripple

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I was informed last night that someone was attacked in Broadripple, Indiana.  This was no normal attack; this was one stemming from homophobia and transphobia.   This shit is just not acceptable.  I am going to relay all of the details of the event I have at this time.

The victim is a twenty something transgender man and was presenting that night.  This all took place around 10pm on January 10th 2013 at the Wild Beaver Saloon
723 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 722-0687

The victim first encountered his attackers while going to the bathroom, the women’s restroom in particular, at the same time a group of “guys” were coming out of the men’s bathroom and decided to question the victims choice of bathroom.  Asking if he was using the wrong restroom, at which time the victim decided to respond that he “had a vagina” and proceeded to continue on his way.   Not too long after that little run-in he decided to leave the bar.   On the way out to his car in the parking lot behind the bar he was confronted by the same group of “guys” at which time they decided to attack him.   He was shoved from behind causing him to stumble when another one of the attackers grabbed his arm and swung him around just to be able to punch him in the stomach.   After the initial shove the attackers started calling him a “fucking faggot” and yelling other hate speech.  Then they left.

There were no witnesses to this event, no way to confirm who these bastards are… But every time something like this happens … it needs to be documented. There are lessons to learn from this as well.

Don’t go out alone, especially to places that serve alcohol, because this happens way too often at bars and clubs.

Arm yourself; carry some sort of weapon that you know how to use.  This is very important because you are usually going to be confronted by more than one person and as a pre-T shots trans man or estrogen infused trans woman … you are not exactly in fighting condition are you?

Do not let something escalate like this.  If you are being accosted in a way that could be described as transphobic or homophobic … make sure to take action.  Photograph or record the people doing it or call for back up of some sort.   Don’t just brush it off because you can never know if these people are going to take things further.

Always have a friend or two you can call for backup.  I will be letting this individual involved with the above incident know that he can call me at any time of the day and I will come to him if need be, firearm and all.  Never go out to a bar scene without letting people know where you are… there is still so much hate in this world for the LGBTQ community, no matter how much we don’t want that to be true… sometimes it can seem lessened and we get comfortable … it’s not time for that yet…  we have to stay on guard for a time bit longer.

One more note from the victim.  He would really like to see the Wild Beaver Saloon put in some lighting back by the bathroom so it’s not pitch black.   It there was proper lighting, the attackers would be a lot easier to identify.

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Comments (4)

  • knh1985

    As a Transman in Indiana, my heart goes out to this person. It is like a ghost town around here in the trans* community. I would definitely be a friend that this individual could call if he ever needed help.

  • darla lopez

    There needs to be a law put into effect considering these kinds of crimes twords transgendered a hate crime and add mob action with its more than 1 jerk ! These asswholes need to know if this kind of crime is commited there’s harsh laws in place!

  • Luc

    This is appalling. I am a transgendered man, and though I live outside of Indiana now, my very first time out dressed as male was at The Vogue in Broad Ripple. I can recall using the men’s restroom on that particular night, and though I didn’t have any unfortunate run-ins with bigots, I was terrified the entire time. No one should have to be afraid when he or she is simply going out to have a good time! Thank you so much for sharing this story; hopefully, others will take heed of your advice!

  • mallena

    I noticed that many people in life have nothing to do,
    few interests Zero Hobbies, culturally do not have a solid foundation.
    This creates hate Coctel Generic normally attack people weaker or presumed.
    I myself am a victim of sato discriminazzine
    and studying the characters involved ernano titti as I have described them I
    but I have no advice to give, or at least not those who expect
    from a person like me.
    The undertake action you need to do to Deninciare
    these cases to the Police

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