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Taking semi-permanent steps in transition is a great way to set milestones or just reaffirm to yourself and those around you that this is seriously happening. Maybe it isn’t the best way to look at some of these things, but I find them to be of great help to me. Since starting this transition time has been out of sync and just passes by in such a slowly fast manner… lol … that may not make the most amount of sense but I know some of you will get it perfectly. It’s these little things that can make progress really seem apparent, versus waiting for hormones to really kick in (year or so?) or any major surgeries.

The first thing I did that could be considered semi-permanent would be laser hair removal. This is something you cannot just wash off or hide after it starts to take hold. The effects are going to be visible to all and there are not many excuses you could make for the spotty hair on your face. It sounds somewhat scary but it really isn’t. This one step is going to make it easier to shave every day, it is going to make it simpler to apply your makeup, and it is going to be a reminder every time you feel or look at your face that this is really happening… that you are really doing this.

Once I got used to the feel of a much smoother face post 2nd laser hair removal treatment I decided it was time for another step… getting my ears pierced! This is a big deal for some of us; then again, not so much for others. Yet, for those that have zero piercings to speak of … it’s massive. It is something that may not be really reversible. I went to a tattoo parlor** to get mine pierced; so that means a 16 gauge needle was plunged in my ear lobes and took some skin with it leaving a nice hole before the metal rings were inserted. I must say, I am very happy I decided to get this done sooner rather than later, because having these earrings in really help my looks… you wouldn’t think so right? Even if that last bit is just in my head, I do believe that having pierced ears can give a person an all-around more fem. appearance.

Third bit for me is hair. I have been letting it grow (as most of you will or have been doing) but I took things a step further. I have a friend that is in beauty school and needed to get some tasks marked off her list so I volunteered myself to help. Well, the first day I went in she sat me down in her chair and practiced a couple of hair dos and did a scalp treatment… side note: this was my first trip to a salon ever … and it was not empty … at all… and we ran out of time for that day. I wanted more, so I went back and ended up getting super blonde highlights and my hair shaped in a more feminine manner… WOW is all I can honestly say, well and everyone else. Blond highlights may be a bit extreme for some, but going to a salon and getting your hair shaped in a feminine manor or maybe just a color change can really make a difference. It is still something you can technically hide… but not really.

Those are really the only three things I have done that are semi-permanent… for now… and I do not want to go into anything I have not done myself. These three simple things have made this transition so much easier on me and those around me. I am not the most effeminate person standing at 6’1 but these steps have given me even more confidence in my appearance and have allowed me to delve deeper into how I carry myself and think of myself. Easing into this fulltime*** business is not easy, but doing these steps or any semi-permanent steps can make it easier. Best part of it all is being able to wake up in the morning and be happy with what I see… between the hormones, hair, ears, and skin… I am happier about my image than ever before.

**I went to a tattoo parlor over a mall kiosk or a jewelry store because it is a much more sanitary environment and they use a needle that removes a bit of the ear which ends up looking and functioning much better. Also I knew I was going to get stainless steel rings which are common from tattoo shops and can be passed off as unisex vs say a mall kiosk where you may make the choice to get something too feminine. Plus… the tattoo community is universally accepting … usually.

*** I am going slightly out of order with all of this but since I got fired a couple weeks ago… I have decided to go fulltime. I am still learning to come to terms with what that means to me.


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