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Family is weaksauce And Transphobia is a sin

This post removed until it is needed again.

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I am Miah Akston, transitioning to a destination unknown but its going to include alot of pink and alot of anarchy!!!

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  • GenderfluidAlex

    Miah, I understand you’re angry right now. You have every right to be; families should be accepting and nurturing, not cruel and hateful. But step back for a second; is posting such personal information a good idea? This could come back and hurt you in the end.

  • Patrik

    While I completely see your point, Genderfluidalex, I think this kind of hate can and should not be left alone. She seems to be far too deep down the crazy-hole to listen to reasonable arguments but it’s always worth trying, always. If we never try then shit like this will never stop.

    (Though the home address might be over the top, I wouldn’t want some crazy people to decide to “teach them a lesson”..)

    Miah, I’d be glad to write her a polite, articulate message, with your permission. I’d be fascinated to read what someone in her position and mindset would say in response. That is, if she responds at all.

  • Patrik

    I can’t seem to edit comments.. I’d actually want to write Marcus Newman, a message. Either way, It would be interesting to say the least.

  • Miah Akston

    All the information posted here is 100% public and was found by Google search except the numbers which are sadly in my phone. Thank you for the comments and concern. Send her/them messages if you would like.

    • Justin

      Essentially what you’re doing is punishing someone for freedom of speech. You have to understand that family, as ignorant and wrong as they can be, do this because they care. Whether or not you see that, just know that is their intent. That does not justify what they’ve done or anything of that nature, however you are potentially putting the lives of the ones they live with also in danger. Delete this please. You’re lowering yourself to their level by doing exactly what they are. Hypocrisy thy name is Miah

      • tiffany

        yea miah your 3 year old nephew goes to your mothers house and I know them all I know I don’t agree with a lot but I being someone who had no family was welcomed into her home and treated as their own along with Clayton jr. I have to say the people they are isn’t as bad as you want to believe. Even saying a little out there with religous veiws I still love them and keep my opinion to myself its not healthy to hold grudges and hate someone for such a long time I hope you find peace with them and even if that means not ever talking with them you want people to accept you don’t you mabey someone needs you to accept them and all there flaws. I hope you respond to me I know you don’t like your brother well neither do I. So don’t hold that against me or that I have contact with the group of people you hate I am a very understanding person and I’m not here to judge you actually your pretty brave!

        • J

          Well these people have began harassing me, a friend of Miah, and my parents nonstop for stating my opinion as a comment on her post which was made publicly on Facebook as my friend. which her family seems to do enough for all of us. And since I have received COUNTLESS friend requests and messages from people I don’t even know!! This has been nonstop and they’re doing it to my family now too. Their information posted online is really nothing compared to the lengths they’ve gone to. It’s ridiculous and the harassment needs to stop. Period. Because they’re wrapping themselves in MY family now and I don’t fucking play around.

        • Jacki Zombi

          Tiffany you are so naive that you are being cruel. Please focus on yourself, your bio-family and utilizing your own advice.

      • Miah Akston

        I am not punishing them for their speech, I am letting them get into a much larger conversation. They wanted to make this public when they started posting about me online… I just gave them a much larger audience.

      • Patrik

        I sent her a message. A very polite, articulate message, hopefully she won’t immediately jump to the conclusion that the devil wrote it through my hands. I’m looking forward to her response…

  • Luc

    I am so sorry for what you’re having to deal with from your family, Miah. I am ftm, and my own family called me an abomination and made me feel like utter crap for six years before they finally began to see the error of their ways. Despite being strongly religious, however, they never resorted to the lengths your family has. I can’t imagine.

  • Jacki Zombi

    These messages from this Pastor concern me very much. Which idiot called this free speech? Sounds more like harassment, growing into intimidation and stalking when “Team God Flock” calls upon her “warriors” to rise in prayer against this “lying Devil.”

    • tiffany

      Jacki the message was for Miah. There was nothing naive about what i said. You have no idea what my biological family is like or conditions under which i grew up. I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to you. That is why I am so close to Roxanne and Eric. They are ten times better than anyone that I had as a child. Do not be so quick to pass judgement. All you know is what you have been told. So lets just agree that there are obviously some deep wounds and unresolved issues. I have found my family and I am thankful for that every day. I hope that Miah will have that as well. It’s never too late and time can heal many wounds. Running from problems and pretending they don’t exist just sets the stage for disaster down the road. I know i don’t have all the answers and I definetely don’t have life completely figured out yet. I just didnt appreciate your flipant dismissal of my input or your advice about my biological family that you have no direct knowledge of. Or if i need to say it more plainly,” Shut up. I wasn’t talkin to you.”

  • Kelly

    Miah- Please know I have nothing to do with your mom. I don’t share their views. I support you and your choices in life. I saw you struggle with the depression growing up, and if you are happy that is all that matters!! I would like to be part of your life I never had turned my back on you… you are family to me. I miss u…..

    • tiffany

      Lol kelly u r something else u already had sex with clayton so dnt try an act like u see them as brothers wow

      • Miah Akston

        Tiffany ( / IP: I suggest you keep what ever disturbed drama you have to yourself and whatever sacks of meat you consider family vs. on this website. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

        • tiffany

          Lmao you think I care about your gender confused website this is funny shit man why dnt you go try to be a real man before u try n be a women its sick and mabey you didn’t get fucked good enough but whatever this is making you think this is right is wrong go find your dick again bro!!!! You make your brother and father ashame


    Miah- I support you… please don’t lump all family together! I support you and your choices…. If you are happy then I am happy for you!

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